The soul is locked.
Casing on fire.
No way out, no escape.
Locked inside,
No escape.
The fire burns,
Burn with it,
Nothing left,
Heap of ashes
& dust in the wind.


The interaction of Friends, lovers & Foes.

Like a waiting room, 
people enter and exit at will. 
They are here for their own purpose. Just like you, or me.
You’re just sitting here observing them all, 
And if you’re lucky, one of them comes up and asks you the time, borrows a pen or just talks about the weather.. 
Just a brief interaction.
And then they leave behind empty chairs & empty tables,
Which are eventually refilled with new faces.

Slaves of acknowledgement.

Everyday I see, 
I see people wearing masks, pretending to be someone that’s not them.
Trying to be of importance, Expecting a response. 
The hunger for reaction, for admiration, burns in their eyes.

What they forget in this act of theirs, they forget how to live in the moment.
They have shackles of society and perceptions holding them down.
They never break form, afraid of what others might say.
They are afraid, afraid to have their own identity.
And they waste themselves each day. 
Waste their essence, their originality.
Slaves of acknowledgement.

The Great Escape

There comes a time, when you are tired of it all. Tired of running after and chasing people, tired of trying to fix others when in reality it’s yourself that needs fixing. The soul has it’s own requirements that these worldly things don’t fulfil. You run and run and keep running away denying the gap that fills your head. The gap that needs to be refilled by something new. Something magical. You try to help others just to ease the pain you have inside you. But let’s face it we are all selfish, even if we do things for others, there’s always that motive of good deeds behind every act we do in the name of “caring”. Ain’t no saint.

But the truth is you can’t run away from the pain. And then you think… what if things could be different. If you could only get one more chance at re-starting your life. A new town, a new place, new people, leaving behind everything that’s holding you down..

The great escape.

Toxic thoughts-…

Toxic thoughts-
I’ve come to the conclusion, that maybe.. our thoughts have an expiry date as well.
They need to be let out in one way or another or else they start clogging up.
Eating us inside. And that’s why we need someone.. anyone to talk to.
That’s why talking to a psychologist is therapy.
Depression is just another word for unuttered thoughts, maybe?